How does this bullriding actually work. As everywhere, there are a few things to consider in this hobby to have accident-free fun. With us, a disclaimer form is given in advance for signature to clearly demarcate physical infirmities, deliberate risks of injury and age information. Also in order to be able to make possible publications of videos or photos penalty-free. Afterwards the rider is allowed to sit on the bull "without shoes". The shoes are taken off, because the bull is surrounded by an air cushion which could otherwise be damaged. If the rider is OK, a warm up is done for a few seconds to get a feel for the bull and to get the ideal seat and holding position. It is allowed to change the hand. The rider is then told that he may only hold the handle with one hand and that the second hand may not hold himself or the bull. If the rider is now ready, stage 1 is triggered. The goal is to stay on the bull for 30 seconds, if possible, to advance to level 2, which requires 40 seconds to advance. If the rider uses his second hand to avoid falling down, the bull is immediately stopped and the attempt is failed. The second hand is usually held aloft to control and maintain his balance. 

If you are in level 1 or 2, this is NOT controlled by the joystick, but the turns and humps happen automatically. Not so with the WarmUp. This is controlled by human hand. If you don't pass level 2, you can't even try level 3, because this level requires a lot of skill and is not without it. We ask for your understanding that there are NO exceptions in this regard. But you can get a glimpse of level 3 from time to time when Martin Zurbrügg, Tomi Schneider or Roman Leuenberger sit on the bull.